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Veterans’ Benefits

I recently completed my required training to update my certification as Veterans’ Administration attorney at a workshop held at the University of Maryland. The keynote speaker at the event was Will Gunn who is the General Counsel for the...

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Our firm increasingly sees clients with large retirement account balances or large life insurance policies without a contingent or secondary beneficiary.  These assets will pass according to the beneficiary designation without being part of your...

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Summer Vacation

Estate planning is not just for retirees.  Summer is a busy time in the office for completing wills of young parents.  Planning a summer vacation forces parents to think about who would look after their children if they both perished in an...

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Life Insurance

I recently spent the afternoon with an elderly woman planning how to distribute her large real estate holdings fairly upon her death.  I asked her how she had accumulated all that property.  She said that her husband had died at fairly young age...

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Do Not Resuscitate Orders

Boris Veysman wrote an interesting article on Do Not Resuscitate orders from a Physician’s viewpoint that was published in the Washington Post.   A physician or nurse practitioner must sign a DNR order. Maryland Emergency Medical Services...

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