Do you need a trust?

Many of you have read about the benefits of trusts or have heard about them through the media? Trusts are appropriate for many people, but not for everyone. I have prepared a sample list of situations where a revocable living trust may be warranted. Handout on Trust  If you have a reason for trust planning, then a revocable living trust is usually used. Creating a trust to avoid probate may or may not be right for you and your family. I can advise you on whether a will is sufficient for your planning. Parents with minor children may need to consider trust planning if they have substantial assets, large life insurance policies, or a business dependent on your efforts. Handout – Parents with Minor Children  I am able to prepare trusts that protect the assets left to your children, trusts designed specifically for retirement accounts, trusts for life insurance policies, and trusts for beneficiaries with special needs.  Special Trusts for Special Situations

I also recommend the website for your research on trusts. Estate is produced by WealthCounsel which is a nationwide association of estate planning attorneys. As a member of WealthCounsel I have access to their planning materials, software, and training. My experience in estate planning puts those resources to work on your personalized plan.

I urge you to take a look at these materials and see if trust planning is appropriate for you. Even if a trust is not for you, everyone needs a will, power of attorney, and an advance medical directive to ensure that you have covered the contingencies in front of you. If you have been putting off estate planning, remember “now” is the time to start. I can provide you with unbiased advice on the best options for your situation. Setup an appointment today. You will feel a sense of relief once your planning is complete.