Estate Planning

Planning Process

An initial  meeting of one and one-half hours is required to determine a plan that suits your needs. The meeting is complimentary provided that you send our office a completed information form prior to the meeting. Married couples will both need to attend the meeting if a joint plan is requested. At the end of the meeting, we will give you a good faith estimate for the cost of your estate plan. The firm requires a signed retainer agreement and a payment of half the estimate to start your personalized plan.  Additional meetings may be required depending on the complexity of the estate plan. The next meeting will be required to sign, witness and notarize the completed documents.  If you are executing trust documents, title to homes, bank accounts, and brokerage accounts will need to be accomplished after the trust is established. Beneficiary designations on retirement accounts and life insurance policies will be reviewed and updated for all estate plans. You will receive a notebook containing all of your documents along with electronic copies of all your information. Once you finish the process you will feel the relief of ensuring that your affairs are in order for the benefit of your loved ones.

For a visual representation of the process, click on this link, Estate Planning Procedure.


I recommendation that you visit for educational materials about estate planning. is published by WealthCounsel which is nationwide group of attorneys dedicated to the practice of estate planning.